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It amazes me how many people still put of making calls to friends and family abroad because they are not aware of the cheaper options available to them for making international calls. Many people still think that the only way to make a telephone call abroad is by using an expensive national operator service. They are not aware of the cheap international call options that are used making VOIP technology and can be found on the internet.

Because of the advances in telephony and especially "voice over internet protocol" (VOIP) technology it is now possible for calls to be rerouted via cheaper and more abundant cabling solutions. The user should not notice any difference in the quality of their telephone conversation. The only really difference that they should notice should be a massive reduction in costs with some calls costing as little as 1.5 pence per minute.

These kinds of services are known as "international access numbers" and can easily be phone by type a phrase like "cheap international calls" into a major search engine. You can also be more specific and enter the county that you intend to call in your search, for example "cheap calls to India".

There are many benefits to using access numbers as your preferred method of making cheap international calls as opposed to other methods like Skype or international phone cards. Once you have found an appropriate access number for your destination you can save it on your phone for future use. You don't have to use your computer each time to find the number because they tend to stay the same. With Skype you have to communicate through your computer using a micro phone and speakers, not a regular telephone handset. The person that you wish to communicate with has to be logged onto the internet and the Skype software. If they are not logged in then you will not be able to communicate with them.

International call cards are sold from retail outlets for a fixed credit value. Once the credit has been used, you will need to buy a new card to make a phone call. It is not always convenient to visit a shop before you want to make a phone call abroad. This is unlike access numbers which provide you with an instant solution for making cheap international calls.
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Cheap International Calls 3

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This article was published on 2010/10/26