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Established in 1971 in British Columbia, Canada Greenpeace International is the most successful and valuable environmental organization on the globe. Greenpeace International has been aggressive in many campaigns, particularly in efforts to stop nuclear testing, and marine protection. Greenpeace has been active in intently protesting against genetic engineering, the practice of bottom trawling, deforestation, global warning and nuclear power, just to name a few.

The headquarters of Greenpeace International is located in Amsterdam, with active fronts in 41 other countries around the world. Local chapters work independently to carry on the work of Greenpeace in their own environment, which come under the umbrella of the greater Greenpeace International organization, with a pyramid type infrastructure.

Financially supported from very much a grass-roots level, infrastructure and its very foundations have been funded by over 2.8 million supporters and charitable organizations. Greenpeace has been effective largely due to its independence from governments and corporations. Greenpeace International aims to utilize peaceful and creative measures of communication to present the people of the world global environmental problems. The key focus of Greenpeace is to ensure the world's biodiversity remains healthy. With the empathies on peaceful communication Greenpeace puts itself in a position to gain the attention of the world's media. Its members for example will place themselves between a whale and the harpoon. Greenpeace have even been known to have its volunteers infiltrate the G8 summit in Germany on jet skis for greater media coverage.

Greenpeace International runs several large scale campaigns together that fit into their priority agenda, with a rotating set of issues. Greenpeace aims to present solutions to the world environmental concerns by lobbying for establishment of marine sanctuaries, and actively searching for sources of renewable energy. Currently Greenpeace international are focused on ways to stop the effects of global warming, preserving natural forests and preserving the purity of the world's oceans.

Greenpeace international is proactive in the encouragement to eliminate toxic chemicals and harmful carcinogens from improved production methods. Greenpeace international also endeavors to promote sustainable low impact agriculture across the globe for the good of all.

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This article was published on 2010/04/04