International Organizations. Their Origins, Aims and Purposes

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International Organizations. Their Origins, Aims and Purposes The amount of international organizations in the world is able to shock and lead into frustration. In fact, the purposes and the intentions of these organizations are different, hence, student of international relations departments need to know all the key organizations that form the character of the international relations in the sphere of diplomacy, social relations, trade and military sphere. In general, international relations are created with an aim of maintaining some traditions, or implementing new ones. Thus, the main spheres of international activity are as follows: 1. Military cooperation and collective defense 2. Nuclear energy cooperation and nuclear materials trade restriction 3. Trading agreements and arrangements of free trade zones 4. Conversion, disarmament, and weapon trade agreements 5. Organizations that support particular sphere of human rights, or unite social movements These are the key directions of their activity, nevertheless, the instances may be endless. Considering the importance of regulating the global processes, it should be emphasized that these organizations play an important role in globalizing the world governing principles. General Analysis of Organizations If students come across a name of an unknown organization, they should be able to analyze its activity basing on the restricted information available. First, its name should be analyzed. Then, the key sphere of its activity should be regarded from the perspective of the actuality. Hence, if an organization is engaged in the process of protecting the election rights of women and national minorities, this organization should not be regarded seriously.

Additionally, the aim of the organization should be analyzed. This is the key aspect of any international activity. Finally, the perspective for further development should be analyzed. Whether the organization will be able to develop and achieve it long-term aim. In general, it depends on the factor of actuality and potential of the organization.

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International Organizations. Their Origins, Aims and Purposes

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This article was published on 2010/10/18